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The purpose of our games is to have fun while playing and at the same time learning or further strengthening what you have already learnt. The game is suitable for one to six players and is played on a table. The more players participate, the more fun it is. Difficulty can be increased by giving players more than one tableau, possibly mixed with our other educational games.

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Variant 1, Speed:

This variant is suitable for players of roughly equal skill, involving a bet among them.
Each player needs a tableau; the others are set aside. First, the small cards are taken and shuffled in the middle of the table with the side of the picture facing the table, so that the white side with the text is facing up.The tableaus are also distributed to the players with the picture side down and are not allowed to be looked at by the players.
Upon the command of the oldest player, all simultaneously flip their tableaus so that the solutions are visible, and all start to find the matching task cards as quickly as possible. Whoever finds the correct card places it in their tableau. To check if the task was solved correctly, the picture on the front serves as a reference. Whoever has filled their tableau correctly is the winner. The others continue to compete for the remaining positions.

Variant 2, Everyone Can Win:

This game variant is suitable for players of different skill levels, as luck decides which card is drawn.
Each player needs a tableau, while the rest is set aside. The cards are taken from the tableau and placed in the included cotton bag.
The youngest player starts. He receives the bag with the cards. Whoever has the bag draws a card from it and reads the back of the card aloud. Whoever has the result on their tableau shouts it out loud, receives the card, places it in their tableau, gets the bag, and can draw next. If a player makes a mistake (which you can see if the picture does not match), he must place that card on the table, and the other players search for the correct result. As a penalty, he must return another card, which is possibly already in his tableau, to the bag. The player who first completes his tableau wins, but the game continues until there are no more cards in the bag.

Variant 3, Solo Learning:

An adult determines how many tasks should be solved, takes the cards out, places them with the picture side facing the table, and shuffles them. The schoolchild solves the task, places the card in the corresponding place, and can hereby check itself; if the picture matches, the task is solved correctly. It may be necessary to check that no cheating occurred and the task was not being solved like a puzzle.

Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 16.5 × 4 cm
Motif (calculation tasks are the same for all motifs)

Fantasy, Vehicles, Animals


German, English, Czech


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